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How to contribute

Thanks for your interest in contributing, We're humbled and to be honest, a bit excited ^_^.
There are many ways you can help advance Superpowers!


Superpowers adheres to the Contributor Covenant. By participating, you are expected to honor this code.

As a new contributor, we want you to feel welcome and comfortable. You're not going to break anything, so feel free to experiment. We appreciate it when people follow the conventions detailed below, but if you're unsure about where to post, pick a place that makes sense to you and someone will point you to the right one if needed.

Superpowers's source code is hosted on GitHub

GitHub is a website for collaborating on projects. Superpowers is split over several repositories:

Other systems and plugins might be hosted elsewhere by developers unaffiliated with the Superpowers project.

Reporting and triaging bugs

Bugs should be reported on GitHub. When in doubt, feel free to open an issue in the core repository.

You can help triage bugs and make them more useful by:

New features and suggestions

Check out the Roadmap for an idea of where development is headed.

Ideas and suggestions for new features should be posted on the forums. Once a feature proposal gets support and traction in the community, you can create an issue on GitHub to discuss its design in details before moving on to implementation.


The documentation website is written in Markdown. New pages should be treated as new features, following the same proposal and discussion process outlined above.

FIXME: It should probably be rewritten as a Superpowers project and published on GitHub Pages?!

Contributing code

See the build instructions to get the development version of Superpowers running on your own computer.

Sending a pull request