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Translating Superpowers

Adding support for a new language

Superpowers supports multiple languages. You can add support for your own language!

To do so, you'll need to build Superpowers from source.
Translation files (also called "localization files") are stored in the locales folders throughout the repositories.

You should start by creating a folder in public/locales with a name consisting of the two-letter code for your language, for instance fr or ja. The very first localization file you'll need is common.json. Copy it from the en folder to your own language's folder and translate all the values on the right (but leave the keys on the left as is).

Testing your changes

Most of the localized strings will be baked into various index.YOUR_LANGUAGE_CODE.html files when building Superpowers. To test your changes, execute npm run build and restart Superpowers afterwards.