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Using source control

Source control lets you create checkpoints in your project, compare old revisions with newer ones and back things up to a remote host like GitHub or Bitbucket.

Superpowers projects can easily be kept under source control. While there is no built-in support at the moment, existing tools like Git and Mercurial work great.

Delay when making changes

In order to minimize its performance footprint, the Superpowers server doesn't write every change you make to a project to the disk immediately. Saving to disk might be delayed for up to 60 seconds.

When creating a new revision for your project, either wait 60s or stop your server altogether to make sure everything has been flushed out to the disk. (We'll probably have a button to flush changes in the app at some point).

What not to put under source control

There are a couple folders you probably don't want to commit to your repository:

You can use a .gitignore or .hgignore file to blacklist those.