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Getting help

The Superpowers community is made of passionate people like you, eager to share their experience.
This page has some advice to best help them help you. You'll find a list of places to ask for help at the end.

Reporting a bug

Make sure you're running the latest version of Superpowers before reporting bugs. If possible, try it out in the latest development version to see if it's already been fixed for the next release.

Bugs can only be fixed if they are reproducible. Your goal when reporting a bug should be to provide as much relevant, precise information as possible.

  1. Start by stating which version of Superpowers you are using (indicate if you are using a release or the source repositories), and which platform you are running it on (OS version, Superpowers app or browser with version).

  2. Proceed with describing the issue in a few words, explaining what the expected behavior was, and what happens instead.

  3. Describe all the steps you've taken that led to the bug. Provide screenshots if you think they will be helpful.

  4. If you encounter an error message, make sure to copy it in its entirety, and to note when and where it appears. When something is very broken, error messages might appear in the Console tab of the developer tools (accessible using F12) so make sure to check there.

You can further help by trying to reproduce the issue in a fresh, minimal project. If the issue is hard to replicate or requires a lot of steps, attaching a ZIP archive of a minimal project might very useful.

Getting help with scripting

When you've got your head down in a scripting problem, it's easy to forget others don't have the same context as you do.

When asking for help, describe your goal (the big picture of what you're trying to achieve) first. Asking for help with the specific approach you're trying out would prevent others from helping you effectively. Of course, it's useful to mention what you've been trying but only after you've made clear your actual goal.

When sharing code, don't share a single line, share enough context so that your code snippet makes sense on its own.

Places to ask for help

The Superpowers forum on Reddit is the best place to ask for help (as well as for sharing your projects, bugs and suggestions!). Alternatively, you can use the Skype group chat if you think live help is better.

Oh and when you make something cool, share it with @SuperpowersDev on Twitter, we'll be happy to retweet!