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Saving game data

You can use Sup.Storage.get and .set to save and restore strings of data.
This data is saved locally to the player's disk.

// ... When the player chooses a name
Sup.Storage.set("characterName", "Leonard");

// ... When loading the game again later
let characterName = Sup.Storage.get("characterName");

You can also pass a default value as a second parameter to Sup.Storage.get. It will be returned if no value was found for the requested key.

let characterName = Sup.Storage.get("characterName", "Unnamed");

Additionally, Sup.Storage.clear lets you clear all stored data for your game.

Internally, Superpowers uses the Web Storage API so it has the same browser-dependent size limitations. It is best suited for small amounts of data. In any case, you probably shouldn't use it to store more than a few megabytes of data, as it is synchronous and will block the game while saving or loading.

Storing more than strings

To store and retrieve numbers, arrays or complex objects, you can use Sup.Storage.setJSON and .getJSON.
Internally, it will (de)serialize them using JSON.stringify and .parse.

let weapon = {
  name: "Hand blender",
  damage: 9001,
  mode: "manual"

Sup.Storage.setJSON("weapon", weapon);

// ... Later
let weapon = Sup.Storage.getJSON("weapon");

Class information isn't saved, only the various properties. So for instance, if you store a Sup.Math.Vector2 object, you'll only get back an object of type { x: number; y: number; } and you'll need to rebuild a vector from it.

Saving on exit

You can use a Sup.Input "exit" event handler to automatically save when the game closes.

Sup.Input.on("exit", () => {
  Sup.Storage.set("key", value);

Storage demo

This simple demo lets you move around a sprite and automatically saves its position when the game is closed.

You can download the demo project.

class CharacterBehavior extends Sup.Behavior {
  speed = 0.1;

  update() {
    if (Sup.Input.isKeyDown("LEFT"));
    if (Sup.Input.isKeyDown("RIGHT"));
    if (Sup.Input.isKeyDown("UP"));
    if (Sup.Input.isKeyDown("DOWN"));

    if (Sup.Input.isKeyDown("ESCAPE")), 0, 0);

// Setup our character and camera
let actor = new Sup.Actor("Character");
new Sup.SpriteRenderer(actor, Sup.get("Sprite", Sup.Sprite));

let cameraActor = new Sup.Actor("Camera");
new Sup.Camera(cameraActor);
cameraActor.setLocalPosition(0, 0, 10);

// Save character position on exit
Sup.Input.on("exit", () => {
  Sup.Storage.setJSON("myCharacterPosition", { x: actor.getX(), y: actor.getY() });

// Restore saved character position on load
let savedPosition = Sup.Storage.getJSON("myCharacterPosition", { x: 0, y: 0 });
actor.setPosition(savedPosition.x, savedPosition.y, 0);