Make games with Superpowers — The extensible, collaborative HTML5 2D+3D game maker

Building Superpowers


You'll need to install the latest 5.x version of Node.js and a Git client.

If you are not already familiar with Git and GitHub, we recommend reading up on them.
You can either use the command line version of Git or a Git client app like GitExtensions, SourceTree or GitHub Desktop.

We also recommend using a text editor with good TypeScript support like Visual Studio Code for development.

Building Superpowers core and systems

In a terminal, run the following commands:

# Clone the core repository in superpowers/core
git clone superpowers/core
cd superpowers/core

# Clone the Superpowers Game system in superpowers/core/systems/game
git clone --recursive systems/game

# Build it all. This will take a few minutes.
npm run build

Running the server

Once it's done, you can start the server with:

node server start

Open http://localhost:4237/ in your browser. Later, you can hit Ctrl+C in the terminal to stop the server.

Rebuilding selectively

After updating the Git repositories or making changes, you'll need to rebuild.

cd superpowers/core

# You can rebuild core and all systems with one command
npm run build
# Or rebuild only some specific folders like SupCore
npm run build SupCore
# or a particular system
npm run build systems/game

# To build in verbose mode
# (Notice there are two pairs of double dashes)
npm run build -- --verbose

Building the desktop app

The desktop app is powered by Electron.

In a terminal, run the following commands:

git clone superpowers/app
cd superpowers/app
npm run build

Once it's done, you can start the app by running:

# Install Electron the first time (and then everytime you want to update it)
npm install -g electron

npm run start

Enabling development mode

In order to catch as many runtime errors as possible while working on Superpowers, you can enable development mode. When development mode is enabled, the project header in the top-left corner will be blue. When it turns red, it's a good sign that you should open your browser's dev tools and look for errors in the Console tab.

Enabling development mode will also add the None language to the language selector, which is useful for finding strings that need to be internationalized.

To enable development mode, open a Superpowers project, press F12 to open the dev tools and type the following in the console:

localStorage.setItem("superpowers-dev-mode", "true");

Reload for the change to take effect.